Sogo Hotel at Manila Philippines

Hotel Sogo is everywhere with branches in all over Metro Manila and now growing to major provincial cities in the country.

On the nights and days too, it is very good check in hotel for couples.

You can’t miss the Sogo Hotel chain in Manila, Philippines.
The buildings are painted in a distinctive red and black pattern.

They’re all over town, sometimes two or three branches within a single kilometer of a major intersection. So there are also sari-sari stores and that remind us that a Sogo is always available for our short-time needs on the nights.

There are also playrooms, Jacuzzis, DVD players, flat screen televisions and king-sized beds are just some of the offerings of Hotel Sogo Drive-In on top of its highest standards of courtesy and friendliness.

Sogo Hotel
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If you happen to check in, when it’s your turn say what you want and hand over the money.
No register to sign, nobody around corners giving you and your partner some looks.

Just hand over the money and the perfect key is on the counter; you then walk to the elevator and join two or three other couples who are also on their way to short-time pleasure. From street to room is no more than two minutes!

Enjoy the Philippines nights at sogo hotel!!