Drink GIN at Philippines Night

Do you know this? When you happen to pass by on the streets at nights in the Philippines, you can see some group of men who are drinking at nights outside their houses.

Notice what is their favorite drink. It's gin.

Ginebra San Miguel

It is the cheapest alcoholic beverage in the Philippines.
Ginebra San Miguel is the Philippines' leading gin.

It is now acknowledged as the world’s largest selling gin.
Its predominant flavor comes from juniper berries.

Very popular among the Filipinos that they buy it at night in the sarisari store for about 28 pesos.

Ginebra_San_Miguel_Lite Ginebra San Miguel
<Ginebra San Miguel>

Some Filipinos who drink gin smell like alcohon is in their mouth. When you fire it, maybe the mouth will lit into big fire.