Emperador Brandy - Philippines Night -

Some Filipinos are tired of the usual gin-pomelo, gin-guyabano and other gin-fruit juice mixes when spending the nights drinking in the Philippines.

If you want to have different taste for the night, better try the Emperador Brandy Coca-Cola Mix. If you have learned this , you might as well love and appreciate the taste and kick of brandy.

Emperador Cola
<Emperador Cola>

1. Pour ice inside the glass.
2. Pour an equivalent of one shot of Emperador Brandy.
3. Fill the glass with Coca-Cola.

Emperador Brandy
<Emperador Brandy>

This is one recommended drink that you should try with while having drinking spree with friends in the Philippines. Ahh!! TIP: Don’t forget, do not ever mix hard drinks and beer if you do not want to get too drunken.

Philippine nights will never be boring and solemn.