Let's Enjoy Philippines Night!

Pegasus KTV at Quezon

Pegasus is a ktv bar with the most beautiful girls to choose from.

Some are like models and looks like the rivals of the men's magazine covers.
But being the most beautiful comes with a price.

Pegasus is the most expensive ktv bar .
The Peggy Sues or the GRO's are categorized as standard, models and centerfold.

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Emperador Brandy - Philippines Night -

Some Filipinos are tired of the usual gin-pomelo, gin-guyabano and other gin-fruit juice mixes when spending the nights drinking in the Philippines.

If you want to have different taste for the night, better try the Emperador Brandy Coca-Cola Mix. If you have learned this , you might as well love and appreciate the taste and kick of brandy.

Emperador Cola
<Emperador Cola>

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Drink GIN at Philippines Night

Do you know this? When you happen to pass by on the streets at nights in the Philippines, you can see some group of men who are drinking at nights outside their houses.

Notice what is their favorite drink. It's gin.

Ginebra San Miguel

It is the cheapest alcoholic beverage in the Philippines.
Ginebra San Miguel is the Philippines' leading gin.

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Philippines Night of Disco During Fiesta

Philippine fiestas are still popular in the Philippines.

Sometimes Philippine fiestas are only celebrated for 3days but some do celebrate for one month.
Everyday there are activities to enjoy and at nights too.

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Angeles or Manila at Philippines

Maybe you may have read about some posts that Angeles is better than Manila when spending some Philippine nights hooking.

Comments like " Manila is a filthy city polluted with traffic and far too expensive etc." True, it is a busy capital, it has pollution as has most places along with poverty and poor roads etc.

It is more expensive, as all capital cities are. However, I will defend Manila and it is worth a long look. Now to Angeles.

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Anito Inn - Philippines Night -

Another cheap motel in the Philippines to stay in the night is Anito Inn.

Anito Inn in the Philippines is one of the most popular motels in the Philippines.
Great when you are travelling and need to take to a rest for a short period of time.

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Sogo Hotel at Manila Philippines

Hotel Sogo is everywhere with branches in all over Metro Manila and now growing to major provincial cities in the country.

On the nights and days too, it is very good check in hotel for couples.

You can’t miss the Sogo Hotel chain in Manila, Philippines.
The buildings are painted in a distinctive red and black pattern.

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Philippine Nights at Victoria Court

Victoria court is the Best Hotel and Motel in the Philippines .

You can definitely enjoy the Philippine nights because it offers quality lodging facilities custom-made for the guest’s ultimate satisfaction.

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Red Horse Beer at Philippines Night

From the makers of San Miguel Beer comes the Red Horse Extra Strong Beer.

When people like it big and strong with the distinct flavor that only San Miguel Beer can produce, order this product and customers will keep coming back for more.

A popular beer in the Philippines served at nights in mostly Philippine night spots.

Red Horse Beer

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Bottoms Philippine Bar

Bottoms is a Philippine bar which is located in 5012 P. Burgos St. .Tel: 897-2053. "Another Makati bar which seems to run about 60 to 70 girls.

There are normally some quite attractive but hard-core girls in here.

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