Pegasus KTV at Quezon

Pegasus is a ktv bar with the most beautiful girls to choose from.

Some are like models and looks like the rivals of the men's magazine covers.
But being the most beautiful comes with a price.

Pegasus is the most expensive ktv bar .
The Peggy Sues or the GRO's are categorized as standard, models and centerfold.

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Olympus KTV at Philippines Night

Olympus KTV Club. The best place to meet, eat, dance or sing-along every night in the Philippines.

Experience being pampered like the gods We offer a variety of daily live shows, and private sing-along rooms to enjoy during the night.

With the state of the art lighting and sound system, it is no wonder we are one of the most popular tourist nightspots in the city of Manila and get a discount on your visit to the club.

The ladies are great and they have nice accomodation all through out the night. Enjoy night with the food and the drinks .

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