Angeles or Manila at Philippines

Maybe you may have read about some posts that Angeles is better than Manila when spending some Philippine nights hooking.

Comments like " Manila is a filthy city polluted with traffic and far too expensive etc." True, it is a busy capital, it has pollution as has most places along with poverty and poor roads etc.

It is more expensive, as all capital cities are. However, I will defend Manila and it is worth a long look. Now to Angeles.

Angeles is a small city and is under developed in many ways.

Its like an old wild west town, rough and ready, and exciting too.
It is much cheaper than Manila. The traffic is not such a problem.

The quality is harder to find and in far fewer numbers.
But you can and indeed do still get great value in Angeles, it is just harder to find the 9's and 10's.


If your looking for a "real-girlfriend" though, this is the place to find her -- for the single male not many places compare to Angeles City.

I believe if you would like girls to be pretty and modernized , you might go with spending the Nights in the Philippines in Manila not in Angeles city.

You may pay expensive nights but you can enjoy true Filipina beauty and accomodation which can be mesmerized all your life.