Angeles or Manila at Philippines

Maybe you may have read about some posts that Angeles is better than Manila when spending some Philippine nights hooking.

Comments like " Manila is a filthy city polluted with traffic and far too expensive etc." True, it is a busy capital, it has pollution as has most places along with poverty and poor roads etc.

It is more expensive, as all capital cities are. However, I will defend Manila and it is worth a long look. Now to Angeles.

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La Cafe Philippines Nights at Manila

La Cafe will be closed down by the authorities very soon , it seems.
This second closure will be a final one. Get there and experience this fine institution while you can ........ Signed Thommo 25th July 2007.

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Philippines night at LA CAFE

La cafe is very famous Philippine night spots among some Japanese and other foreign nationals.

It is located in 1429 M.H. del Pilar St. Ermita, Manila.

When the night is young you can go here which is open daily with live bands and with wifi 24/7.
It has become the favorite night spots of both locals and foreigners.

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