Red Horse Beer at Philippines Night

From the makers of San Miguel Beer comes the Red Horse Extra Strong Beer.

When people like it big and strong with the distinct flavor that only San Miguel Beer can produce, order this product and customers will keep coming back for more.

A popular beer in the Philippines served at nights in mostly Philippine night spots.

Red Horse Beer

Red horse beer is something to enjoy at nights .
It is everywhere in the Philippines.

This stuff is a golden color, not much of a head, the aroma is insanely dominated by malt and backed with a high alcohol base.

Red Horse Beer
<Red Horse Beer>

Worth a try if you visit the Philippines. Should be served cold. Also available in some stores in the Philippines. At nights , some common Filipino love to enjoy the night without this red horse beer. Comes in stallion, red horse 500 and red horse jumbo.

Red horse beer is not red . It is a golden colour with a white head.
Aroma is fruit, malt, alcohol. flavour is the same.

A clear, golden pour is topped by a small, white head. Alcohol, sweetness, grains and a little fruityness in the flavor, not much bitterness are those important to have fun and enjoy the night in the Philippines.