Philippines Night at Club Illusion

Along Pasay Road in Makati, just a few minutes walk from Hotel Nikko, Hotel Intercon and Shangri-La Hotel is an almost mystical place called Club Illusion. Located at RER bldg. 1008 Pasay Rd. Makati city.

It is open 8pm until 3am. It offers international cuisine .
You can enjoy Philippine nights with dance, disco and karaoke bar.

The showtime is exceedingly done 3 times nightly performance by professional dancers. They can do different kinds of dance including nude show, disco dance and custome dance done by a pro.

Beautiful women are waiting at the front desk to greet guests and entertain the guests to enjoy the night.

You can unwind thru karaoke with different songs that fill the air. Everyone is welcomed to stay for 90 minutes at 1200 pesos.

Drink is bottomless. So precisely the night will be superb night for those who wanted to spend the night here.