La Cafe Philippines Nights at Manila

La Cafe will be closed down by the authorities very soon , it seems.
This second closure will be a final one. Get there and experience this fine institution while you can ........ Signed Thommo 25th July 2007.

Location - On the corner of MH Del Pilar and R. Salas Streets. If coming by taxi , come down A Mabini St (one way) turn left into R. Salas St and alight at the corner of MH Del Pilar and bingo ! you have La Cafe. If coming from airport , different route.


This seems to be the best value joint in Manila , if your not looking for movie stars. Head straight for La Cafe in a taxi and get out at the front door , cause it's not safe to stroll around side streets of Ermita nowadays. Ignore any pimps close by. Pay-as-you-go Freelancers inside , some of whom are off duty Go-Go girls from nearby EDSA and other places (1/2am on for those girls). Downstairs its 'Bottom Feeders' Bar , packed with gals and Western punters. Upstairs there is a band , dance floor and better looking girls.