Sitcom entertainment bar and restaurant

There is one comedy I used to go on gimick nights .

Sitcom, a stand-up comedy bar located at Las Piñas has worked its ways towards the hearts of the people who live in Las Piñas and is even catching the attention of people from Manila and even Quezon city.

On nights, Sitcom is full of customers on early twenties up tp late forties most probably the working ones.

People who go to Sitcom have the chance to relax, unwind and have good time with friends.
You can have the night with singing, eating, drinking, dancing, laughing all in very fun night.

The comic can make the crowd laugh and can sing very well too.
That makes it so interesting night when the audiences are allowed to have audience participation.

A night at Sitcom in Las Pinas, Philippines is a night of fun and humor.
Come and enjoy your night at the Sitcom.