Philippines Night at the Hobbit house

Another nightspot for you to enjoy the Philippine nights is the Hobbit House located in 1801 Mabini Street Manila.The hobbit, a benevolent dwarf, was a character in an enormously popular series of books by J.R. Tolkien, Lord of the Rings, now a major motion picture.

Based on that theme, all of the waiters at this bar are midgets. The Hobbit House has been around in Manila so long, it is virtually an institution, serving as a regular venue for live music.

It offers a dark, smoke-filled interior, where alcoholic drinks of every description are passed around. Contrary to urban myth, dwarf-throwing is NOT a feature of this bar, although tossing back shots most definitely is.

This place has the BEST food in the world. I recommend the sizzling garlic covered steak (i forget the name of it on the menu.) Also you have to get the cerveza negra beer, also a favorite beer in the world. It has a great atmosphere and most nights you'll find wonderful folk musicians playing there. Oh by the way, did I mention that all of the waiters are MIDGETS?!?

Hobbit House

This place beats all the other nightspots handsdown. Good food, great crowd and superb music. If you enjoy watching the famous folk group Asin which is composed of Freddie Aguilar and the band , you will truly enjoy the nights at the Hobbit House. They were extremely good.

So , enjoy the Philippine nights with the Hobbits at the Hobbits house.