Philippine night at casino Filipino

You don't need thousands or millions of pesos to have fun inside a casino and, of course, it would help a lot if you have lady luck on your side.

With PhP200 to PhP500 ($3.90 to $9.74 at PhP51.32=$1), one can already try the various games inside the casino Filipino.

"PhP500 worth for chips will be ok . It could last you two to three hours. For the slot machines, for PhP200 you will already enjoy and there are an array of choices inside a casino.

Aside from the slot machines, there are various card games like baccarat, black jack, stud poker, pai gaw, red and white, big and small, roulette and craps, among others.

<Casino Filipino at the Manila Pavilion>

And if you're not interested in playing but just want to take in the Las Vegas-style ambiance of the casino, all you have to shell out is the PhP100 entrance fee charged by all Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. ( Pagcor )-operated casinos in the country.

If you have PhP100 for entrace fee, that's okay. You don't pay for anything else. But you have to take note of the dress code as well.Once inside, the difficult part is how to make your money -- whether it's PhP200, PhP500, PhP1 ,000 , PhP100,000 or PhP1 million -- last longer inside the casino.

<Casino Filipino at the Manila Pavilion>