Enjoying the philippine nights with San Miguel beer

The Philippine nightspots usually offers the best beer in town.
I am talking about the San Miguel Beer or SMB.

The san miguel beer is the most popular beer in the Philippines and it is exported to 40 different countries.
It is among the world's largest selling beers and among the top three brands in Asia.

There are two San miguel beers to choose from. One is the san miguel pale pilsen which is a small dark bottle which has a right bitterness, very good to the palate when cold and the San Miguel Light.

San Miguel Beer

San Miguel light is refreshingly flavorsome, smooth, less filling light beer with a calorie content of 80 per serving with well balanced bitterness.

Another is the San Miguel beer Grande which is a 1000ml botttle about 3 times the san miguel beer pale pilsen very good for groups drinking enjoying the Philippine nights.

Some philippine nightspots offers San Miguel beer in the barrel especially if there is a large group drinking in beermugs.

So enjoy the Philippine nights with San Miguel beer and experience a flavor of fun.

Sam Miguel Beer

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San Miguel was first brewed under royal Spanish grant in 1890 by a German Brew Master using the Bavarian Tradition of Brewing Excellence.

The first beer brewed in Southeast Asia, San Miguel is now being brewed all across Asia. It is acclaimed by the Great American Beer Book as "one of the world's best beers" and is exported to more than 40 different countries worldwide as "The Great Asian Beer".