Enjoying Philippine Night with Street Drinking

Filipinos are social drinkers from gin, lapad, Matador, Emperador to the expensive high class vodka, wine and cognac enjoying Philippine night.

The liquors they drink indicated social status. Ginebra San Miguel gin or lapad is for the poor Filipino social drinkers. Chivas regal, Black label and martini are for the rich and the elite.

In the streets of Manila you can see social drinkers drinks liqour with their friends. Most common liquor the drink is gin or lapad made from San Miguel Corporation. This is the cheapest liqour manufactured in the Philippines.

The hard liquors I see Filipinos drinking in the streets are Tanduay Rum, Fundador Brandy and London Dry/Gilbeys Gin. Info: A pint size of Tanduay Dark is P20.

In other words alcohol in the Philippines is very cheap and available everywhere. . This is worst about Manila, there are many drunkards here and most Filipinos will admit this that almost everynight they drink to enjoy the night away.

Filipinos also have a coconut wine they call Tuba. It has quite a kick. I see them drinking this in the early mornings at Sari Sari stores and canteens. It is not unusual to see drunkards at 7AM and hear them laughing or fighting.

They just enjoy Philippine night on the streets.