Enjoying Drag Racing in the Philippines Night

Drag racing is a night sport in which cars race down a track with a set distance as fast as possible.

In the Philippines,car and motorcycle drag racing is now so rampant. Every night, the men ages 18 up to early 30's had always been drag racing all their life.

They own their cars and they do do not have much protective gears other than a cheap helmet. All the rest of the gears for the body , they do not have.

So it is really very dangerous drag racing on nights. They always do drag racing in Macapagal Ave in Metro Manila, in Visayas Ave in Quezon city and Ortigas going to Libis.

Considering the road surfaces in the Philippines,drag racing in the Philippines is very dangerous.

It involves big sum of money. Lots of money to the winner of the nightly drag racing in the Philippines.

Mostly the contenders are from rich and affluent family. The Philippine police cannot do something about this drag racing in the nights no matter how dangerous it is in the Philippines.